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TOPTION is professional lab solution provider,and all devoted to provide the best solutions & products for global customers, who are work in biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical, environment analysis, food, academic research, etc. Regardless of the field you work in, we keep striving for the same goal: to provide you with the most suitable solutions & products, to make your research more accurate & efficient. TOPTION headquarters is located in Xi'an, China, where own hundreds of universities and research institutes, and famous as its thousands of years long history culture. Profound culture and strong scientific research strength, provide sustained and vigorous power for TOPTION development, so that make us could provide better products,solutions and service for you continuously. Main products contains chemical synthesis reactor, rotary evaporator, thin-film evaporator, photochemical reactor, high pressure reactor, freeze dryer, spray dryer, etc. TOPTION brand instrument has own high reputation in more than 70 countries and regions, provide technical support for tens of thousands organizations to solve problems within their research, special for university, research institutes, industries, inspection agencies, etc. Promoting technology progress and improving human life is TOPTION social mission. We believe, only the most excellent quality, most leading technology, most complete solution and most professional service, could make TOPTION mission and vision come true. So we will keep in continual innovation and hard work, to provide you with the best solutions & products, and make you research more accurate and efficient. We are a young, professional and creative team, We are customer-centric and responsible team. Our mission: make your research more accurate and efficient. Our vision: Become the world?s most competitive lab solution provider. Our value: Sharing & win-win, customer success, be thankful, keep growing, innovation and responsible.
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Laboratory reactor, Single layer glass reactor, Laboratory single layer glass reactor, 2L Single layer glass reactor, 20 L Single layer glass reactor, 50 L Single layer glass reactor, Single layer glass reactor with oil bath, Single layer glass reaction vessel, Pilot single layer glass reactor, 250 L Single layer glass reactor, Single layer glass reactor with heating mantle, Single layer stirred reactor, Pilot reactor, Single layer glass reaction kettle, Jacketed Glass Reactor, Double glass reactors, 5L Double layer glass reactor, 10L jacketed glass reactor vessel, glass batch reactor, Jacketed pilot glass reactor, 200 L Double layer glass reactor, glass reactor with jacket, Double layer glass reactors, Jacketed glass reaction vessel, batch reactor, Three layer glass reactor, Laboratory three layer glass reactor, Three layer glass reactors, Borosilicate glass reactors, three layer glass reaction kettle, three layer glass reaction vessel, 2L Three layer glass reactor, Pilot three layer glass reactor, 10L Three layer glass reactor, 50 L Three layer glass reactor, 150 L Three layer glass reactor, pilot three layer glass reaction vessel, 10L Glass liquid separator, 50 L Glass liquid separator, 10 ml Hydrothermal reactor, 25 ml Hydrothermal synthesis reactor, 500 ml Hydrothermal synthesis reactor, 2000 ml Hydrothermal synthesis reactor, High pressure reactor, Mini high pressure reactor, Magnetic stirrer high pressure reactor, Pour type vacuum filter, Suck type vacuum filter, Stainless steel vacuum filter, Ceramic type vacuum filter, Rotary evaporator, Laboratory rotary evaporator, Rotary film evaporators, Rotary film evaporator, Small rotary evaporators, 0.25L rotary vacuum evaporator, 2L rotary evaporator, 0.25L rotary evaporator, rotary vacuum evaporators, Rotavapor, Laboratory evaporator, Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporators, vacuum rotary evaporator, Rota evaporator, Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator, rotating evaporator, Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporators, Rotary film evaporators, 3L rotary evaporator, Automatic rotary evaporator, 5L rotary evaporator, Pilot rotary evaporator, Industrial rotary evaporator, 50L vacuum rotary evaporator, Photochemical reactor, Solid photochemical reactor, Solid photocatalytic reactor, Solid photochemical thermostatic reactor, Gas photocatalytic reactor,250ml photochemical reactor, 1000ml photochemical reactor, Inside illuminated photoreactor, Mini inside illuminated photoreactor, Outside illuminated photoreactor, Automatic control photochemical reactor, Micro outside illuminated photoreactor, Ultra low temperature photoreactor, High pressure photoreactor, Photochemical plant-size reactor, High pressure photochemical reactor, Multi-function photochemical reactor, Falling film photoreactor, MINI photochemical reactor, Parallel light source, Xenon Light Source, mercury lamp, Hydrogen production by water phoyolysis, Freeze dryer, Benchtop vacuum freeze dryer, lab freeze dryers, laboratory freeze dryers, Lyophilizer, Vertical vacuum freeze dryer, Pilot vacuum freeze dryer, In-situ freeze dryer, 0.1? vacuum freeze dryer, Top-press vacuum lyophilizer, LCD display in-situ vacuum freeze dryer, LCD display lyophilizer, Spray Dryer, 2L Lab Spray Dryer, 3L Spray Dryer, Mini spray dryers, two-fluid lab spray dryer, Laboratory Scale Spray Dryer, egg powder processing spray dryers, centrifugal spay drying machine, spray drying of milk, spray drying milk powder, 10L Spray Dryer, centrifugal spray dryer, 10L dryer machine with centrifugal spray, milk spray dryer, spray drying equipment, spray drying in food industry
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