Date: 14th May 2016
Downward Open Jacketed Reactor Customize
Downward Open Jacketed Reactor Customize from TOPTION China,Website:, ISO & CE certification top quality guarantee, this type double layer glass reactor is more convenient for you to achieve multi-purpose chemical reaction through only one glass reactor, let's learn it from downward open jacketed glass reactor design principle:1.Allow you to attach flask of different capacity on the same reactor head.Flexible for more purpose.2.The reactor body design principle:?-Jacketed Reaction Flask.-Downward open without move of head and glass fittings.-F180 connection flange, can shift 1-5L reaction flasks.-?8 drift diameter.3.Three kinds of reactor condenser provided for you to chooose:-Reflux Condenser.-(Optional) Distillation Condenser.-(Optional) Rectification-Receiving System.4.Electric heating reaction system is optional and lifting system is available.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?TypeStir medium flangeLiquid material inflowCondenserTemp?measureMulti?function valveSolid?chargingportStirring paddleReactor lid flangeInner diameter of reactor bodyExternal diameterReactor body heightPowerRotate speedTOPR-1L3524# 0.25L24#14#----------?7mm Anchor type1501131502504050-800TOPR-2L3524# 0.25L24#14#----------?7mm Anchor type1501351802804050-800TOPR-3L3524# 0.25L24#14#----------?7mm Anchor type1501502003004050-800TOPR-5L4024# 1L24#19#24#-----?10mm single layer two blade paddle type1801802304006050-600TOPR-10L5034# 1L34#DN15DN25-----?16mm single layer three blade paddle type26523029045012050-600TOPR-20L5034# 1L34#DN15DN25-----?16mm single layer three blade paddle type26529033055012050-600TOPR-30L5034# 1L34#DN15DN25-----?16mm single layer three blade paddle type26533036573012050-600TOPR-50L5034# 1L34#DN15DN25DN80?16mm double layer three blade paddle type26536541085014050-600
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