Date: 17th May 2016
Glass Pilot Reactor
1. Vertical type incline stir reaction?- Incomparably perfect stereo-stir performance.? ? ? ? ?2. Adiabatic stand with intelligent heating system inbuilt,Website:, two kinds heating method: Oil bath & Heating mantle.?- Max temperature up to 180?, and digital display. Oil bath can equip cooling coil for reaction material chilling.?- Equips Over-heat & Dry-heat protectors, ensure safe operation of heating bath.3.?Heating device material: SS304 stainless steel and spray material are optional.4.Cooling & Liquid separation function.5.Distilling & receiving.6.Sample pickup.7.Underlay base optional to enable one-time discharge.8.Drip function.9.?Multi-function reaction flask.?- Overall flange connection design, eliminate taper joint seizure which may damage reaction flask.-Standard configuration: stirring, feeding, reflux condensing, temperature measuring, multi-purpose wide opening and non-liquid accumulation bottom discharge function.?- Extend more function: dripping, bubbling, sample pickup, distilling, rectifying, liquid separation,etc.? ? ??? ? ??ModelTST-2MPTST-5MPTST-10MPTST-20MP?TST-30MP?TST-50MP?TST-80MP?TST-100MP?TST-150MP?TST-200MP?TST-250MPReaction flask(L)251020305080100150200250The mouth number of the bottle44555666777Stirring power(W)90120180180250250250250370450550Speed(rpm)0-13000-13000-7200-7200-7200-7200-7200-7200-7200-7200-720OD?of Stirring bar(mm)?6?10?10?10?12?12?16?16?18?18?18Heater1.5kw 180?2kw 180?2.5kw 180?3kw 180?4.5kw 180?6kw 180?7kw 180?9kw 180?10kw 180?11kw 180?15kw 180?Power(V)220220220220220220 / 380220 / 380220 / 380220 / 380220 / 380220 / 380MaterialStainless Steel / Spraying PlasticsHeating MethodOil Bath / Heating MantleFrequency-convertingnohavehavehavehavehavehavehavehavehavehaveVacuum sealinghaveDischarge valvehavePTEE stirring barhaveCharging corkhaveTube for testing temp.haveReflux and distillation systemoptionaloptionalhaveVacuum meternooptionalhavestereoscopic stirringhaveAutomatic stir in CW or CCWnononooptionalhaveMouth for multi-functionsnononohaveLow mouth for taking material outnonohaveDischarging corknonohaveCap of heating bathoptionalCorke for anti-blocknonononohaveIncrease power under lower speednooptionalCooling coilsoptional
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