Date: 17th May 2016
High Pressure Reactor Design
THR type high pressure reactor design with magnetic stirrer,Website:, is widely used in?Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Macromolecule, Metallurgy, Environmental Protection,etc, chemical process areas.THR type high pressure laboratory reactor description:1.Application of high pressure reaction vessel with magnetic stirrer:?high pressure reaction, hydrogenation reaction, catalytic reaction, synthetic process, pharmaceutical synthesis, high pressure polymerization, nano synthesis, conditions screening, crystallization screening, combinatorial chemistry, biomass conversion, supercritical reaction, hydrothermal reaction, polymer synthesis, electrochemical corrosion testing, infrared detection,etc.2.The maximum operating temperature of THR High Pressure Reactor is 250?, use corrosive medium to do reaction, PTFE inner is optional, but its high temperature resistance is 180?,so if the corrosive medium temperature is over 180?, please choose other material reactors.3.THR Series High Pressure Reactor adopt module heating method, which is quick heating and precise temperature control. THR series all are internal magnetic stirring, when magnetism arrive 300?, degaussing phenomenon will happen, so if operating in over 300? condition, please choose TOPTION MHR Series High Pressure Reactor.The stirring reactor laboratory miniature high-pressure reaction kettleModelTHR50THR100THR250THR500Material capacity(L)50ml100ml250ml500mlThe working interfaceTouch control liquid crystal displayTouch control liquid crystal displayTouch control liquid crystal displayTouch control liquid crystal displayThe maximum operating temperature250?250?250?250?The maximum operating temperature with PTFE Liner 180?180?180?180?Heating modeModule heatingModule heatingModule heatingModule heatingThe heating power1.2KW1.2KW1.5KW2.0KWStirring speed0-1200rpm0-1200rpm0-1300rpm0-1300rpmStirring methodThe internal magnetic stirringThe internal magnetic stirringThe internal magnetic stirringThe internal magnetic stirringThe stirring power40W40W40W80WThe maximum working pressure10Mpa10Mpa10Mpa10MpaMaterials of constructionSS316L (standard); (Alloy TA2, ALLOY C-276, Nickel ALlloy, Zirconium materials are optional)PTFE linerOptionalNote:1. Max volume 2000ml could be customized.2.Suitable for the material which temp ?250? and is nonmagnetic.3.Temperature timing set, temp. set when working, this function is optional.
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