Date: 28th June 2016
Industrial Lyophilizer Medical & Pharmaceutical Vacuum Freeze Dryer Supplier
1.GZLY series freeze dryers use double color touch screen and PLC as control center ,Website:,control system stable and reliable. it can store 33groups of freeze drying program , and each program can be set up 36 segments.?2.This type pharmaceutical industry type vacuum freeze dryer can display freeze drying curve and automatically records data. Freeze drying data can be output by USB flask disk. This model is suitable for pilot scale and small scale production.?3.GZLY series freeze dryers use Bitzer refrigeration unit,condenser temperature can reach<-75? , performance stable . It meets national relative standards ,according to GMP and implementation guidelines of GMP, and GB/T522 6.1-1996.Your benefits and advantages for medical & pharmaceutical vacuum freeze dryer:1.Stainless steel plates are imported, guarantee smooth finish of chamber.Ensure aseptic requirements.2.Special O type door sealing, to prevent water store up, and meet aseptic requirements.3.Shelf with high strength, pressure test can reach 0.3Mpa, durable for long time.4.Shelf by machine processing, ensure high demand of flatness.5.Shelf temperature control accuracy ?0.5? (PID control, after balance).6.Chamber and shelf are tested by helium mass spectrometer for leaking test.7.Condenser and cooling tube all tested by helium mass spectrometer for leaking test.8.Compressor is Bitzer unit, with more stable and reliable performance.9.With environment friendly refrigerant.10.Refrigeration system has many interlock protection functions.11.Pressure automatic adjustment function under low load situation in later period of freeze drying.12.Oil pressure multiple protection function for refrigeration system.13.Multiple protection function for motor of compressor.14.HMI display working state of main parts, valve, temperature and vacuum degree.15.User can set 32 groups of freeze drying parameters.16.Freeze drying process display segments, user can skip.17.User can adjust freeze drying parameter at any time.Medical & pharmaceutical vacuum freeze dryer technical parameters:? ? ?ModelGZLY-1GZLY-2GZLY-3GZLY-5Freeze drying area1.152 ?2.16 ?3.24 ?5.25 ?Condenser temperature< -75?Partition board temperature? -55?control accuracy?1?Vacuum degree< ?5PaCooling methodwater coolingWater capture capacity20Kg/24h40Kg/24h60Kg/24h100kg/24hPartition board size600 x 480 x 20mm*4+1600 x 900 x 20mm*4+1600 x 900 x 20mm*6+1750 x 1000 x 20mm*7+1Installed Powe15kw15kw18kw20kwWeight1500kg2600kg2800kg4200kgDimension(mm)2500x1100x20003500x1300x20002800x1200x25004000x1500x2500Bulk capacity Thickness:10mm10L20L30L50LVial loadingnumber (pcs)?12mm?8400?12mm?12600?12mm?16000?12mm?35000?16mm?4706?16mm?6800?16mm?10000?16mm?24800?22mm?2428?22mm?3600?22mm?5300?22mm?12700Pharmaceutical Industry Lyophilizer Customize CIP & SIP System Lyophilizer Manufacturer
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