Date: 17th May 2016
Mini Chemical Reactor
TST-2BP mini chemical reactor also named as laboratory chemical glass reactor,Website:, which is most suitable for chemistry research laboratory, biology experiment,pharmaceutical new medicine research, university laboratory and professor teaching,etc.1. Wide capacity range convenient for you to choose one most suitable chemical reactor volume and make the best use of glass reactor volume:?0.5L, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L, 250L.2. Professional customization are provided by TOPTION strong specialist team, some of them have more than 10 years technology experience, could provide professional lab solution according your actual research or produce requests.3. ISO & CE certification for TOP quality guarantee.4. Provide directly access talking with TOPTION engineer: , 24h/7days online service.5. Warranty card is provided for every TOPTION brand lab instruments, 1 years?warranty period.? ? ??? ? ?ModelTST-2BPTST-5BPTST-10BPTST-20BP?TST-30BP?TST-50BP?TST-80BP?TST-100BP?TST-150BP?TST-200BP?TST-250BPReaction flask(L)251020305080100150200250The mouth number of the bottle44555666777Stirring power(W)90120180180250250250250370450550Speed(rpm)0-13000-13000-7200-7200-7200-7200-7200-7200-7200-7200-720OD?of Stirring bar(mm)?6?10?10?10?12?12?16?16?18?18?18Heater1.5kw 180?2kw 180?2.5kw 180?3kw 180?4.5kw 180?6kw 180?7kw 180?9kw 180?10kw 180?11kw 180?15kw 180?Power(V)220220220220220220 / 380220 / 380220 / 380220 / 380220 / 380220 / 380MaterialStainless Steel / Spraying PlasticsHeating MethodOil Bath / Heating MantleFrequency-convertingnohavehavehavehavehavehavehavehavehavehaveVacuum sealinghaveDischarge valvehavePTEE stirring barhaveCharging corkhaveTube for testing temp.haveReflux and distillation systemoptionaloptionalhaveVacuum meternooptionalhavestereoscopic stirringhaveAutomatic stir in CW or CCWnononooptionalhaveMouth for multi-functionsnononohaveLow mouth for taking material outnonohaveDischarging corknonohaveCap of heating bathoptionalCorke for anti-blocknonononohaveIncrease power under lower speednooptionalCooling coilsoptional
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