Date: 15th June 2016
Photocatalytic Water Splitting Photolysis Of Water Hydrogen Production
Major ComponentsPhotodegradation SystemTPR-Solar systemClean BenchClean Bench one setGeneral FrameStainless steelGlass Piping System1.?Includes?Transmission Light Reactor,Website:, Quartz Glass System.2.?Use Six Flux Valve to Control Hydrogen Circulation.3.?Stainless Steel Connection Support Frame4. Consists of 7 suits of (A-G)A. With?Emptying Valve;B. Connect with Vacuum Meter and Vacuum;C. Connect with?Electromagnetic Air pump;D.?Condenser Pipe;E. Vacuum Pipe;F. Connect with Vacuum Pump and Cold Trap;G. Ground Glass Tube for Cold Trap Use;?Glass and Metal ConnectionReactor150ml or 250ml Silica Glass Split-type ReactorVacuum SystemPump Model: 2XZ-2, Produced by TOPTION company; Vacuum tubes, vacuum grease. Optional German Vacuum Pump(Price need to be Inquiry)Fully automaticSampling System??1. Consists of Precise Sampling Tube,?Application Valve Body, and Control Pannel, etc.2. Two Special joints for 3mm and 6 mm?Gas Chromatography Glass Piping.3. Ten Meters of 3mm Chromatography Glass Piping.4. Two Joints for 3mm Chromatography Glass Piping and Chromatographic Instrument (GC system is optional)??UV Energy Meter??1. Wavelength Range (Either-or)A. No.1 Probe ?:400~1000nm;B. No.2 Probe ?:725~1050nm;2.?Irradiance measurement range: 0.1~1.999?105?W/cm23. Degree of Accuracy:?5% (Related to NIM Standards)4. Repeatability: ?1%5.?Cosine Characteristics:f2?4%6. Response Time: 1 Second7. Service Environment: Temperature 20?20?C, Humidity <85%8. Size and Weight: 180?80?36mm, 0.2kg9. Power: 1 Piece of 9V?Packed Cell?Vacuum Meter?1.?Model DZA1?resistance vacuum gauge2.?Testing Range: 100000(Atmosphere)~0.05Pa3.?The output control:?220V/3A two-way relay(With Coded lock)4.?Display units:?Torr, Pa, mbar5.?data output: RS485(with communication CD)6.?(Option):0-5V,1-5V,4-20mA AO(analog output)7.?Equipped Pipe: ZJ-52 or ZJ-52K8.?Panel Size: 96W?96H?180D9.?Opening Size: 92W?92H?FilterTwo Pieces?1.?Transmission Optical filter with diameter of 50mm2.?UV reflecting part,?Transmission visible and Infrared parts,70mm*70mm square piece.3.?These type is optional : 365nm , 380nm, 400nm, 420nm ,435nm,450nm,475nm, 500nm,520nm,550nm,UVRFE,UVCUT?Light SourcePE300BF(Imported from USA), 2000 hours life.Or you can choose China light source,1000 hours liftTOP-X300Power: 300W, External or?projection type, Parallel light output.(TOPTION)TOP-X300UVPower:300W,Includes?Integrated type?300W UV Reinforced Xenon LampExternal or?projection type?(TOPTION)Light source ControllerBallast, trigger, start-up system,300W Power supply for exportLight path switcherLight path switching systemMetal Cooling unitaluminum Cooling systemLift TableStainless steel lift table 250*250mm?used to adjust light illumination energy
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