Date: 16th June 2016
Photochemical Reactor Liquid Phase Photochemistry Reactor Chemical Reactor Supllier
Photochemical reactor series contains liquid phase photochemical reactor,Website:,solid phase photochemical reactor,gas phase photochemistry reaction kettle,these are developed by TOPTION who have got?technical supports from many professors of SJTU and NTU in developing period. TOPT series is mainly applied to research gas / liquid phases, fixed / simulated visible light, could reaction vessel load TiO2, Photochemical reaction under conditions of photocatalyst and so on.?This series photochemical reactor can provides samples of analytical reacting product and free radical, and to measure reacting kinetic constant, quantum yield; it is widely used in fields of Chemosynthesis, environment protection, and life science, etc.Liquid phase photochmical reactor:1.TOPT-II used as liquid photochemical reactor, have several volume to choose:250ml,500ml,?1000ml,2000ml,3000ml,5000ml.There are three opening port: gas inlet, temperature measure,sample inlet. Any other specifications?can be customized.2.TOPT-V are most suitable for university teaching and academic research, with small capacity: 30ml ,50m l,100ml ,150ml, equip with silicone stopper. ?Temperature measure &control, gas inlet,gas outlet, sampling vavle customization are available. ?TOPT-II photochemical reactor ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? TOPT-V liquid phase photochemical reactorNo.Equipment listTOPT-IITOPT-V1Protecting box(which can prevent ultraviolet ray, but have observation window)112UV Lamp control system (Xenon lamp,Metal halide lamp control system are optional)113UV Lamp ( xenon lamp, Metal halide lamp are optional)114Cold pit of quartz(which is used to reduce the heating of lamp)115Water shortage alarm(it will alarm when the water stop flowing, then you can shutoff the power )116Stainless steel working platform, bottom with wheels.117250ml glass reactor( there are 500ml,1000ml,2000ml,3000ml,5000ml ?are optional.)10830ml quartz test reactor(there are 10ml,50ml,100ml,150ml are optional)089Magnetic stirrer with one field1010Magnetic stirrer with eight magnetic fields (which can do eight samples experiment at the same time)01OptionalAChiller for coolingYesyesBFilter(there are UV cut 400nm type and UV through type)NoyesC32 quartz test reactors and magnetic stirrer with 32 magnetic fields(can do 32 samples experiments at the same time)Noyes? ? ? ??? ? ? ??
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