Date: 15th June 2016
Rotary Vacuum Evaporator Customize
RE-5205 rotary evaporator rotating flask capacity is 5L,Website:,belongs to hand lifting series rotary evaporator, its working principle:In a vacuum condition, constant temperature heating, to rotate bottles constant rotation, the material in the sidewall formation of large area thin film, high evaporation. Solubilization by high glass condenser vapor cooling, recovery in the collection bottle, greatly improve the efficiency of evaporation, particularly easy to use in high-temperature decomposition of the variability of biological products was concentrated and purified.?As high efficient evaporation advantage, RE-5205 rotary evaporator is widely used in?concentration, drying, extraction, recycling, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental, university research laboratory and industrial mass production of such good equipment.?Technical specifications of rotary evaporator:A:99?Automatic liftingAD:180?Automatic liftingAEx:99?Automatic lifting,Whole anti-explosion systemADEx?180?Automatic lifting,Whole anti-explosion systemRelevant ModelRE-5205ARE-5205ADRE-5205AEXRE-5205ADEXRotating Flask(L)5LOptional Rotating Flask(L)3L, 2L, 1LReceiving Flask(L)3LLifting TypeHand liftingCondenserVertical Rotation Speed (rpm)0-150Evaporating Speed (H2O)2L/HReachable Vacuum Rate?133Pa (1.33mbar, 1 Torr)Bath Power (kw)2.2KW2.2KWStaic Temp. Control Range & Wave (??RT-99?180??0.2RT-99?180??0.2Power220V 50/60Hz220V 50/60HzNote: Max evaporating speed is affected by operation setting and the performances and matching levels of supporting equipment."A"-Automatic lifting, ?"D"-180? Oil Bath, ?"EX"-Explosion Protection, "AD"-Automatic Lifting 180? Oil Bath, ?"AEX"-Automatic Lifting Explosion Protection.The configurations of RE-5205A rotary evaporator:Relevant ModelRE-5205ARE-5205ADRE-5205AEXRE-5205ADEXPTFE Seal AssemblyHaveContinuous ChargeHaveDigital DisplayBath Temp.Taper Joint PTFE SleeveHaveLow NoiseHaveBath LiftHaveThermometer Neck For VaporOptionalCold TrapOptionalWater Bath LidOptionalJoint AdaptorOptionalOptional Evaporating Flask100ml, 500ml? ? ? ??? ? ? ??Mini Lab Rotary Evaporator Design DetailHow Does A Rotavap Work To Remove Solvent
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