Date: 28th June 2016
Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor Ultrasonic Homogenizers Supplier
Ultrasonic cell disruption system ( crusher ),Website:, ultrasonic homogenizers is a multi-function & multi-purpose instrument, which use high strength ultrasonic to cause cavitation effect in liquid, for material ultrasonic processing.?Ultrasonic cell disruptor could crush a variety of animal & plant cells, viruses cells, also suitable for emulsification, separate, homogenization, extraction, defoaming, cleaning and speed up chemical reaction,etc.?Application: biological chemistry, microbiology, medicinal chemistry, surface chemistry, physics, zoology,etc.Quality is our culture, let's learn TU-Y series ultrasonic cell disruptors' advantages and your benefits:1. LCD temperature control ultrasonic cell disruption system has beautiful appearance and reliable performance.2. LCD large screen display, central computer centralized control, ultrasonic / interval / total time / power these could be set by yourself, starting up amplitude transformer is optional, sample temperature display.3. Automatic frequency tracking and fault automatic alarm,very convenient for your operation and guarantee your research accuracy.4. Ultrasonic cell disruption system use PWM to control switch power, power is continuously adjustable, could store 50 sets research parameters, all functions display in large screen.5. Instrument protection system: Over-temperature protection, over-power protection, overtime protection. Make your research be safe and longer ultrasonic cell disruptor service life.ModelTU-150YTU-250YTU-650YTU-900YTU-1000YTU-1200YTU-1800YFrequency(KHz)20-25KHzAutomatic tracking?20-25KHzAutomatic tracking?20-25KHzAutomatic tracking?20-25KHzAutomatic tracking?20-25KHzAutomatic tracking?19.5-20.5KHzAutomatic tracking?19.5-20.5KHzAutomatic tracking?Power(W)1-150W?adjustable5-250W?adjustable10-650W?adjustable10-900W?adjustable10-1000W?adjustable20-1200W?adjustable50-1800W?adjustableHorn (mm)?6?6?6?6?6?or ?10?20?20?or??22Optional?Horn (mm)?2??3??8?2??3??8??10?2??3??8??10??12?2??3??8??10??12??15?2??3??8??10??12??15?10??15??22??25?10??15??25??28DisruptionCapacity(ml)0.2-150?0.2-300?0.2-500?0.2-600?0.2-750?10-1000?20-1200?Store data50?sets50?sets50?sets50?sets50?sets50?sets50?setsTemp?alarm range0-100??0-100??0-100??0-100??0-100??0-100??0-100??Instrument protection functionOver-temp. / over-power / overtimeOver-temp. / over-power / overtimeOver-temp. / over-power / overtimeOver-temp. / over-power / overtimeOver-temp. / over-power / overtimeOver-temp. /?over-power / overtimeOver-temp. / over-power / overtimeDuty ratio0.1-99.9%0.1-99.9%0.1-99.9%0.1-99.9%0.1-99.9%0.1-99.9%0.1-99.9%DisplayLCD displayLCD displayLCD displayLCD displayLCD displayLCD displayLCD display? ? ? ??? ? ? ??Ultrasonic Cell Lysis Ultrasonic Horn Selection Guide
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