Date: 28th June 2016
Ultrasonic Cell Lysis Cell Disruption & Extraction
Ultrasonic cell lysis is also popular as ultrasonic cell disruption system and ultrasonic cell crusher,Website:, which is a multi-function?& multi-purpose instrument.Ultrasonic cell lysis working principle is using high strength ultrasonic to cause cavitation effect in liquid, for material?ultrasonic?processing. It could be used to crush a variety of animal & plant cells, viruses cells, also suitable for?emulsification,?separate,?homogenization, extraction, defoaming, cleaning and speed up chemical reaction,etc.?Application of ultrasonic cell disruption & extraction: biological chemistry, microbiology, medicinal chemistry, surface?chemistry,?physics, zoology,etc.Model TU-150E TU-250E TU-650E TU-900E TU-1000E TU-1200E TU-1800E Frequency (KHz) 20-25KHz ?? Automatic tracking 20-25KHz ?Automatic tracking 20-25KHz ?? Automatic tracking 20-25KHz ?? Automatic tracking 20-25KHz ? Automatic tracking 19.5-20.5KHz ?Automatic tracking 19.5-20.5KHz ?Automatic tracking Power(W) 2-150W adjustable 5-250W adjustable 5-650W ?adjustable 10-900W ?adjustable 10-1000W ?adjustable 20-1200W adjustable 20-1800W ?adjustable Horn (mm) ?6 ?6 ?6 ?6 or 10 ?6 or ?10 ?20 ?20 or ?22 Optional Horn (mm) ?2??3,?8,?10 ?2??3??8??10 ?2??3??8??10??12 ?2??3??8??10??12??15 ?2??3??8??10??12??15??20 ?6??10??15??22??25 ?10??15??20??25??28 Disruption Capacity(ml) 0.1-150 0.1-250 0.2-500 0.2-600 0.1-800 10-1200 50-1500 Input method Touch control Display 7 inch TFT Display items Temperature, power, wave form, amplitude, pulse, time etc, total 10 items. Protection device Self-diagnostic function, program automatic error correction, over-load / over- temp. Protection display,etc. Login password protection Have Computer on-line function Optional Sound proof box Illumination, sterilization, automatic lifting, etc function. Other function Date storage 20 sets, print, ultrasonic interval / continuously etc function.? ? ? ??? ? ? ??Ultrasonic Cell Lysis Ultrasonic Horn Selection Guide
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