Date: 28th June 2016
Ultrasonic Homogenizer Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor Supplier
1. TUN-R series ultrasonic cell disruptor is non-contact type ultrasonic cell lysis,Website:, which is used for asepsis crush, it could through centrifuge tube to break chromosome and crush cell (suitable for biology dangerous products and harmful sample), equipped with silencer hold-down device.?2. Compared with traditional probe ultrasonic homogenizer, traditional cell disruptor?s probe need to contact with sample directly, need to use one same probe again and again, which is easy to cause sample cross pollution. And also as every time the depth of ?probe insert sample is not same, so each time ultrasonic energy distribution is not uniform,finally effect the repeatability and precision of research result.?3. Advantages of TUN-R series ultrasonic homogenizer, it don?t need operate probe frequently, each sample is put in total closed individual test tube, ultrasonic energy distribution is uniform, high efficient experiment, reliable test result, excellent repeatability.?4. Application of ?TUN-R series ultrasonic cell crusher already become the standard instrument for ChIP ( chromatin co-immunoprecipitation ) and blood products, vaccine products, DNA shear research institution.ModelTUN-R1200TUN-R2200TUN-R3200Frequency(KHz)19.5-20.5KHz??Automatic trackingPower(W)20-1200W?adjustable100-2200W?adjustable500-3200W?adjustableHorn (mm)?20?45?65Standard crush capacity at a time (ml)0.1-2ml*4?samples0.1-2ml*8 samples0.1-2ml*16?samplesCentrifugal pipe support optional (ml)(each size could be customized)0.2 ml *8?hole or 5ml*3?hole0.2 ml *16 hole or 5ml*6 hole0.2 ml *32?hole or 5ml*12?holeConstant temp. Range ??-5-50??Contact type high power transducerOptionalInstrument protection functionOver-temperature ?protectionDuty ratio0.1-99.9%DisplayLCD displayNote: Contact type high power transducer + amplitude transformer are available for TUN-R series, really one instrument with double usage.? ? ? ??? ? ? ??
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