Date: 28th June 2016
Vacuum Freeze Dryer Pharmaceutical & Food Industrial Freeze Drying Machine Supplier
GZVF series Pharmaceutical & Food Industrial Freeze Drying Machine?freeze dryers use double color touch screen and PLC as control center ,Website:,control system stable and reliable. it can store 33groups of freeze drying program , and each program can be set up 36 segments. It can display freeze drying curve and automatically records data.Freeze drying data can be output by USB flask disk.GZVF series freeze dryers pharmaceutical & food industrial freeze drying machine?use Bitzer refrigeration unit,condenser temperature can reach ?< -75? , performance stable .This model is suitable for production.ModelGZVF-2GZVF-5GZVF-12GZVF-16GZVF-33GZVF-44drying chamberShelf area?m 2 ?2.45.912163344Drying chamber size?m??0.75 X 0.9?1.1 X 1.2?1.4 X 1.5?1.5 X 2.1?1600 X 3600?1800 X 3600Shelf layers6+18+112+112+114+114+1Shelf size?mm?500 X 8001050 X 7001200 X 8001800 X 8003100 X 8003600 X 1000Shelf spacing?mm?7070707575758Trolley number(set)N/A12Trolley number(set)N/A12Tray size?mm?350X500350X500400X600400X600400X500400X500Trays number (pcs)246496144336448Heating wayheat conductive oil circulationTemperature rangeroom temperature~120control accuracy?1?condenserMax. Ice capacity Kg?2475150225450600Ice capacity(kg/day)2060100150300400Lowest temperature???-85Temperature lowing styledirect evaporationDefrosting methodwarm water spraybasic parametersfinal vacuum?Pa?5Installed power?Kw?612253772104cooling water?m3/h?air cooling8 or air cooling15 or air cooling22 or air cooling5060cooling water pipe dia?N/A1 1/4?or N/A1 1/2? or ?N/A1 1/2? or ?N/A2?2?dimension?m?1.5x1.53x24x2.25x2.38x2.69x3.2height?m? cylindrical condenser,compact structure,with good water capture capacity, no dead corner, easy for defrosting and cleaning.2.Refrigeration system protection control device: adopt international famous brand products, accurate, stable, safe and reliable.3.High pressure protection system: when the system exhaust pressure more than allowed, refrigeration unit running will be automatically cut off , to prevent accidents.4.Middle pressure regulation system: in the double-stage refrigeration system, proper middle pressure are very important for operation performance and life of the refrigeration system. When middle pressure below the set value, the system will automatically start to adjust. Create conditions for the realization of the lyophilizer unmanned operation.5.Oil pressure protection system: when the long time operation of the refrigerator, monitor the hydraulic pressure of the refrigerator, prevent refrigerator damage because of oil lack.6.The motor temperature protection system: when the refrigerator motor temperature higher than the set value, in order to protect the refrigerator, the system will automatically stop the operation of the refrigerator.7.Oil return at low temperature regulating system: when refrigerator works under very low evaporation temperature for long time , how to make the refrigeration oil well back to the crankcase is very important (lack of refrigeration oil in the system often causes refrigerator "burned"). When the crankcase lack of refrigeration oil, the system automatically start to establish proper oil level in the crankcase. Create conditions for the realization of the lyophilizer unmanned operation.8.Exhaust temperature control system: when refrigerator exhaust temperature is too high, the system automatically start cooling system, to prevent the high pressure part of overtemperature operation. Create conditions for the realization of the lyophilizer unmanned operation.9.Wet stroke prevention control system: when the high load operation of the refrigerator, the system can automatically go in the process of adjustment, prevent the wet stroke even "liquid impact phenomenon". Create conditions for the realization of the lyophilizer unmanned operation.10.Automatic liquid collection device: when the refrigerator is in standby mode, the device will automatically run , to collect stranded refrigerant in the system to storage tank, in order to start the freeze dryer again.11.The machine start protection: when equipment has all security conditions , the machine will be able to start running.12.Whole machine structure longitudinal, front and back split type (convenient for transport and placing ).13.Ozone disinfection function is optional.Export-Oriented Pharmaceutical & Food Industrial Freeze Dryer
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